video courtesy: MTR

Interactive Installation

We invited viewers within an enticing interactive installation that accompanied the Hong Kong Ballet summer production of “Cinderella” in 2022. The installation aimed to captivate the imagination and curiosity of visitors, beckoning them into the enchanting realm of Cinderella’s whimsical world.

When idle, each screen displayed captivating still frames of various individual characters, evoking intrigue and anticipation. Positioned before these screens, participants were invited to emulate the gestures of the characters portrayed within.

A magical transformation ensued, as each participant’s mimicked movements acted as a catalyst, unveiling a captivating dance sequence, replacing the static character with a grand revelation. These glimpses into the performance acted as tantalising teasers, provoking curiosity and igniting interest in the forthcoming show.

The installation has been displayed at the MTR Central station and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre across 6 weeks period.

AR filters

In conjunction with the installation, we have curated three Instagram filters, enriching the realm of shared delight. Leveraging the integration of motion capture and 3D scanning technology, the two filters transport the graceful dancers into a virtual domain. Within this ethereal space, participants wield the power to fashion their own bespoke landscapes, weaving an intricate tapestry as the backdrop for these virtual performers.

One of the filters assumes the form of a selfie filter, inviting our visitors to embody the spirit of Cinderella herself. With a simple gesture of a kiss, an enchanting spectacle unfolds, as the endearing and comical siblings grace the virtual stage with their delightful dance. This whimsical interlude fosters shared laughter, infusing the experience with an air of lighthearted mirth.


Presented by: HK Ballet (
Organizer: International Arts Carnival by LCSD (

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