Augmented Reality Murals

Break The Chain is a street art campaign with 9 Augmented Reality activated murals across the Hong Kong city which aims to raise public awareness and to support the Private Members Bill to urge our local government to step up the fight against the illegal wildlife trade, by incorporating wildlife crime offences in Hong Kong’s Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance (OSCO).

As the campaign creative development took place during the social unrest in town and later the pandemic, we had to come up with something that complies to the latest anti-gathering laws and social distancing regulations. In particularly, such a heavy and un-sexy topic needs a new approach to engage with the public. Through Augmented reality street Murals we aim to us art to engage the public in a topic that is often not in the foreground. This use of fun engaging and Instagram filters enabled the NGO to catch more public attention, especially the younger generations. Coupled together with online video campaigns to garner support.

We are delighted to see our government has passed the Private Members Bill to incorporate wildlife crime offences in Hong Kong’s Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance in 2021.

Why are we doing this

The world is facing a biodiversity crisis with 1 million species at risk of extinction, having potentially devastating impacts on our ecosystems. Imagine a world without rhinos, tigers, pangolins, sharks, orang-utans, golden coin turtles, elephants and the list goes on…

Hong Kong is a global wildlife trafficking hub. Every form of wildlife from live reptiles and birds to ivory, rhino horn and pangolin scale are trafficked through our city.

Laws governing wildlife crimes in Hong Kong do not deter organised networks and criminals behind the trafficking. Rather, it focuses on the mules and traffickers. A Members Bill was being considered by the government that would substantially change this, providing greater investigative powers to crack down on these crimes. The bill will enable wildlife crime to be treated as the serious and organised crime that it is.This was huge and would facilitate the investigation and prosecution of the masterminds who continue to exploit our city.

The private membership bill is passed in August 2021, a giant leap for Hong Kong to take our stand to protect wildlife across the globe.

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Break the Chain at The Affordable Art Fair

Big thank you to the Affordable Art Fair for sponsoring the exhibition space for this campaign. We have printed the murals onto aluminium plates, offering these amazing AR experiences at the fair. While amused by the artworks, guests had the opportunities to learn more about wildlife trafficking issues in the city.

Participating Mural Artists

BIG THANK YOU to all our local talented artists who devote their work to support wildlife conservation:
Bao, Carol Mui, Hughie, Neil Wang, Taka, OmniArt, Parents Parents


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Curator: A.L.A.N. (