We are pioneers in creating immersive and interactive art forms that captivate and inspire audiences. From awe-inspiring installations to mesmerizing stage performances, our work transcends traditional boundaries and blurs the lines between art and technology.

  • Art installation
  • interactive
  • kinetic Art installation
  • interactive dance show
  • multimedia dance performance
  • interactive art
  • event performance visuals

With a unique blend of disciplines including interaction design, lighting, animation, programming, and sculpture, we bring our creative visions to life. Our expertise extends to the forefront of AR and VR, where we harness the latest technologies to deliver groundbreaking experiences that engage all the senses.

Interested in elevating your project with bespoke digital art and technology experiences? If you’re curious about collaborating and bringing your vision to life, let’s start the conversation.

T:+852 9309 3833

E: info@thecollective.hk

A: Studio 2A, E-Tat Factory Building, 4 Heung Yip rd, Wong Chuk Hang, HK.

We are a cross-discipline Digital Art Studio. We create digital and living art forms, ranging from installation to stage performance. Our works combine a variety of disciplines including interaction design, lighting, animation, programming and sculpture, with tools that are developed and customised specifically for each project. Our approach puts the human experience at the center of technological development, with a strong visual impact and unique bespoke technologies created in-house.