Interactive Artwork

Canadian-born Peter Yuill invited us to collaborate on his solo exhibition “The Absurdity of Meaning” at KONG Art Space, Hong Kong.
As part of the exhibition, we created 4 interactive art pieces & a live audio-reactive gong performance. One of the pieces was housed in the car lift, creating an un-expected, surreal time-machine like journey between floors.


The artist has created a series of intriguing new works which articulate his philosophical and aesthetic journey into sacred geometry and nature mythology. Through different interactive and generative art installations, we applied multiple technologies about “movement” and sacred geometry to bring out the sense of meditative peace of mind inspired by Peter’s geometric abstraction works.


Inspired by the artist’s approach, we added a temporal dimension, leading to music, motion and performance. For us it was an opportunity to experiment with no limitations and test interactive technologies developed in-house: EGG brainwave, Leap Motion, gyroscope and vibrator sensors.

Contradictory Will


Beyond The Black Rainbow

Meditative Bath


Producer: Anita Lam
Creative direction: Andy Stokes
Art direction: Frederic Bussiere
Project management: Karen Chan
Programming: Karen Chan, Lizi Han, Frederic Bussiere
Gong artist: Minutes Leung from Ray of Aura (
Special Thanks: Jean-Julien Guillemot, KONG Art Space
Lastly, a massive thank you to the insanely talented Peter Yuill. See more of his work here :

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