The “School of Fish” is a permanent video-mapped paper art installation welcoming the visitors to the sales hall of One East Coast. The Collective invited well-established paper artist Pauline Yau to collaborate on this delicate 9-meter-long piece where the 3000 paper fishes take life thanks to projection mapping.


Emerging from the sea, the “School of Fish”, shaped as a giant wave, rises off from the ground, overhangs the path and guides gracefully the guests. It represents life blossoming thanks to the water. It also refers to the famous fishing culture of the surrounding neighborhood of the property One East Coast.


Crafted from paper, individual fishes are designed in an abstract way and gathered all together, spread from the ground to the ceiling. Using video projection techniques, particles of light travel over the fishes, adding a feeling of motion and luminescence to the structure. The School of Fish literally flies over the guests, guiding their eyes, leading them to the other side of the space, where their journey awaits.


Projection Mapping was used to map the intricate, multi-layered surface. The custom content was designed in such a fashion to give the illusion of movement to the entire swirl, at times highlighting individual fish. Through the use of a variety of techniques we were able to create content which continually evolved.


Spanning 270 degrees in a somewhat tight space we managed to hide several short throw projectors and playback system inside the wall. Using some custom hardware the installation runs fully un-attended automatically powering on/off during the course of the day.

It was a pleasure working with Pauline. Check out more of her beautiful, intricate paper work : www.paulineyau.com

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