AR Filter

Dorsett International Hospitality Group commissioned The Collective to create a series of augmented reality experience for their hotel guests during quarantine over the pandemic period.


The journey of quarantine during the pandemic is often described as feeling trapped, confined within a limited space, and painfully boring. However, amidst this sense of captivity, there is a glimmer of hope in counting down the days until freedom is regained. Inspired by the concept of a Christmas advent calendar, we created << The Way We Dance >> advent calendar—an AR installation designed to mark the passing of each day until finally released.

Every day, hotel guests had the opportunity to open the corresponding day on the calendar. Behind each door awaited a short dance video, contributing to a larger narrative that unfolded throughout the duration of their quarantine. Some days featured structured choreography, while others presented random motions, all leading to an exciting climax—the grand finale.

In addition to << The Way We Dance >>, we introduced << The Way We Share >> as a supporting program to uplift people’s spirits. This program aimed to foster a sense of camaraderie and create optimistic reflections on the power of creative expression. Through delightful surprises, infectious smiles, and moments of artistic creation, we endeavoured to make each day of quarantine a little sweeter, more enjoyable, and something to eagerly anticipate.


Curator: Anita Lam, The Collective
Technical Director: Andy Stokes, The Collective
Creative Technologist: Yoki Yao, The Collective
Visual Artists: Friendly, Zoie Lam
Choreographer: Yuh Egami (with the kind permission from the HK Ballet)
Dancers: with the kind support from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art, dance students Jennie Chou (graduated in 2022) and Lee Kok Liang
3D animators: Desmond Lo, Bob Tsang

This project was an extension of our work for Dorsett’s “The Way we Dance” : Augmented Reality Dance performance piece showcased at Affordable Art Fair worldwide.