Interactive Exhibit

Here’s 2 pieces we created for the M.moser Cloud pavilion at Shenzhen Creative Week. Our two interactive exhibits took inspiration from the Cloud theme for future workspace. Check out the making of video and some of our behind thinking.

:: RESET ::

In order to achieve reset, one needs to let go of our perceptions, be water. One of the best ways is to embrace the rain. On arrival to the pavilion guests were invited to take time out to slow down and find calm. Zone out immersed in the calming rain flowing gracefully down the walls, or touch the wall to interact and shape the water streams.


Continuing on the water theme is a 2 person interactive art piece. Participants need to work together to bring order from the otherwise chaotic rain ripples. Using their hands guests find the harmonious sweet spot where the ripples form into harmonious forms.

Many thanks to the team & China AV partners who helped to bring this together. The on-site installation was particularly challenging during the lock-down and social distancing circumstances. A living example to reset and co-create..