“Leyte To The World” was an interactive video project crafted by The Collective to help bring awareness to the tiny island of Leyte in the Philippines which was destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

The Festival, For The Love of Leyte was a 2 day music and arts festival which brought together both local and overseas artists. We wanted to contribute something to the festival, so why not an interactive music video.

Interactive Music Video?

Well it’s not actually “interactive”.. It’s personalized… Basically we have the bed of the video and guests get to be “IN” the video as key times combined with animation.

We flew to the island 72hrs before the event. The ministry of Tourism were kind enough to drive us around the island where we captured all the content of the people of Leyte you see in the video. We then edited the base clip to the video.

At the Festival

On-site we had a booth with a preview monitor, Depth camera and Laptop running our custom software. Festival goers just needed to share an email address and perform during the video. In one section the audio fades to allow the guests to leave their message to the world.

Once completed the video link was shared and the guests were encouraged to use the hashtag #LeyteToTheWorld and #ForTheLoveOfLeyte to get their message out to Social Media.

Here’s a couple of Festival go-er generated videos. Over the weekend our booth generated 80+ unique versions. Lot’s of smiles had.

On-site video of the actualy band making their version of the video.

Music : Succubus (Local Leyte Band)
Concept, Video shoot + edit : Andy Stokes
Interactive / Animation : Frederic Bussiere
Second Camera / Offline Editor : Adrian Lee
Video Shot / On-site Support : Joshua Kahan
Special Thanks to : Matt Porta, The Philippines Tourism board & the wonderful people of Leyte.