Our in-house designed interactive performance volume, offering 360 degree immersive visuals designed to accommodate 1 performer, perfect for Event Performances.

In collaboration with our partner BPM Dance we currently offer 2 performances : ELEMENT & GLITCH, 2 dynamic pieces with beautifully choreographed dance, synchronised with 360 degree interactive visuals.


A tech inspired, high energy, techno driven performance featuring 1 male dancer infused with bold digital-themed patterns & geometric visuals. (2:40min)

  • multimedia Dance
  • Dance Performance
  • Event Performance
  • interactive Dance show


A softer, more feminine performance featuring 1 female dancer immersed in magical, organic synchronised visuals. (2:40min)

For events we offer optional customisation to seamlessly incorporate branding visuals or messaging at the end of each show, which is sure to get your audience’s attention.

CUBE has been featured at a handful of exclusive events throughout Asia. Get in touch if you wish to enquire how to book a performance for your next event.

(If interested in a fully Bespoke performance with dance choreography & custom visuals, do get in touch!)