Nature cocoon is 7 minute audio-visual experience designed for Porlwi Light Festival* in Mauritius. The structure consists of a 6-meter diameter bamboo cocoon, housing a large ceiling screen and encircling LED strips. The show could be defined as a surrealist space journey, which explores the different scales of the universe: from microscopic to the unimaginable large, and, by a juxtaposing process, it reveals the cohesion in shape and pattern of all encountered items.

By groups of 25-30 people, attendees lay on the ground in a relaxing and meditative position allowing themselves to drift into an immersive and mesmerising journey, leading to a certain self-introspection and raising questioning about life, balance between living species and non-living matter, between fauna, flora, planet Earth and space.

Full Movie :

Concept, design and content production: The Collective
Production support: electrocaine
Cocoon technical design and on-site build: Current Projects

*The largest African festival, Dec 2017.